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Neoteric -

A Revolutionary ALG Protocol

is built on BSC.

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$NTRC contract address: 0x733A90389db7d9c246D064A257E5652f7Be36B8A

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Neoteric is a soft fork of the RFI and Liquid on ERC-20. It has essentially the combination token-mechanics of RFI and LIQ, which includes a frictionless Yield Generation(Hold and Earn) and perpetual liquidity meta-market-making mechanism that grows liquidity as more trades are executed.These mechanisms takes 10% tax from every transaction, and using these taxed tokens to distributes among holders and at the same time generate liquidity pool tokens.

Neoteric is a very simplistic but elegant nod to what CORE achieved.
Protocol features
Frictionless Yield Generation
$NTRC works by applying 3% fee to each transaction and instantly splitting that fee among all holders of the token.
Auto Liquidity-Pooling
7% fee to each transaction stored as liquidity pool. The contract creates a Pancakeswap LP token using equal parts of $NTRC and BNB.
Fair Launch Mechanics
Stealh launches create a organic community and to eliminate bots, maximum transaction limit was set at 500 mil $NTRC.
True Decentralized
The Neoteric smart contract is complete at launch. There is no individual or team to be relied upon to give it any value.
LP mining
The governance token $nGOVER can be obtained by providing liquidity/staking the $NTRC token.
Self-sustainable and community based
Neoteric liquidity pool fueled by the taxed token guaranteeing permanent liquidity.

$NTRC Token Economics

• Initial and Max Supply : 500,000,000

• Tax per transaction(Liquidity and holders) : 10%

• Initial Liquidity : 100 BNB

• Dev fee : 5%

• Marketing and Community Reward : 8% (40,000,000 $NTRC)

• Maximum transaction limit of 500,000,000 $NTRC